Some Attendee Feedback on “Faith and the Big Questions”

We would like to thank you for leading us through some of the most fundamental questions on God and our relations with Him. By helping us to explore these questions by using Catholic theological explanations, our understanding of Catholic teachings is greatly enhanced. This series is an essential program to ignite the faith among Catholics.

I’ve really enjoyed the Faith and the Big Questions program. It has been very informative and has enhanced my faith and understanding of Roman Catholic teachings. Each session has been clear and understandable, providing clarification of the profound and complicated questions addressed in the program. The sessions offered on science and faith were aligned with Pope Benedict’s teaching that faith and reason are not incompatible and the sessions on the divinity of Jesus and salvation were very powerful for me personally and a valuable reminder of the principles of our faith.

What I liked about the sessions was that they gave me a good insight into questions about our faith. The topics were well selected and thought provoking. Each session had a plan that encompassed both lectures and videos, which I thought was brilliant.

Apologetics should really be an important part of any parish’s program to educate their youth, young adults and anyone striving to strengthen their faith, wanting answers regarding their faith, and anyone facing difficulty standing up for their faith.

We’ve been lifelong Catholics but learned more by rote than by questioning, challenging, and probing. The Faith and the Big Questions program has served as a meaningful guide that has helped put the puzzle pieces together. The material presented has been invaluable in re-opening our eyes to rediscover our faith and reinforce many of the basic tenets. This program should be mandatory training every few years or so for all Catholics.

For young people to more easily fit in, they often have to downplay their belief in God in order to be more like their peers. That is why the Faith and the Big Questions program is so important. It gets them to think about their faith and how to not be afraid to say they believe in God when many of their friends may believe otherwise.

I would like to wholeheartedly support and recommend this outstanding program. The program is comprehensive and correctly presents Catholic belief and supports those beliefs and their points of conflict with other belief systems with informative and convincing arguments. This program prepares all its participants to answer questions both from others and from within themselves, wherever current science and culture seem to challenge Catholic beliefs. This program addresses challenges to their faith that they are likely to encounter from the non-Catholic world: challenges from mainstream scientific evidence and challenges to the theological beliefs of our Catholic faith.

In today’s world we often speak about the ‘need to know.’ Who among us cannot defend vigorously our position in our chosen career field? We are a competitive lot and it is expected, particularly among the best and brightest, that we know our material inside and out and can sell it to others. Why should this not be so for our faith? This series addresses these fundamental issues in a critical way opening the door for healthy discussion and thoughtful reflection.