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The Reality of God:
The Layman’s Guide to Scientific Evidence for the Creator

Author: Steven R. Hemler


Jennifer Fulwiler, radio show host and author of Something Other Than God:

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"Steve, your book is really excellent. I heard someone say once that you know someone has mastered their material when they can explain it simply. And, that is what I love about your book. You can tell how well you understand what you are talking about. I could give this book to a 15-year-old and they could read and understand it. Which is not to say it is ‘dumbed down,’ but that you break these concepts into really simple ideas. You don’t use jargon or fancy terms. Even for someone with no science background or who is not a big reader, The Reality of God is a book that is accessible to anyone regardless of their background. I like that your book is very accessible, not just in the writing style but also that it is not long. The final pages before the footnotes end around page 150 and it is not in particularly small type. So this is a book that the average person with a busy life can actually get through. I think that is so important. And, as someone who was a lifelong atheist before I converted to Catholicism in my late twenties, I have to say this might be the best single book that goes over the basics of why we believe in God and the scientific and human evidence that God is real. Just excellent stuff. As a former atheist myself, these are the kind of things I was looking for once I was in a state of openness. Once I was in a place of seeking, this is exactly the book I would have wanted. Again, the book is The Reality of God and I highly recommend it. Everyone should get this book. I love it. It has my ‘stamp of approval’ as a former-atheist. Honestly, I really think it is fantastic."

To listen to Jennifer Fulwiler’s radio interview with Steve Hemler, click here: The Jennifer Fulwiler Show (audio may take a few minutes to download and start playing).

Angelo Stagnaro, EWTN’s National Catholic Register:

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"Steven R. Hemler’s excellent book, The Reality of God: The Layman’s Guide to Scientific Evidence for the Creator, is eminently readable and doesn’t require a deep knowledge of science. Mr. Hemler writes with a lightness and clarity that draws the reader into his narrative. His goal is not to reconcile science and faith; the two need not be reconciled at all, as there is but one Truth in the universe. Rather the author demonstrates this magnificent seamless garment of facts and faith with which God has clothed the universe. The great advantage Mr. Hemler offers is that he is knowledgeable about both science and our faith. It’s a pleasure to come across a scholar who can break down complex issues and teach rather than merely expound. Mr. Hemler writes with the mind of a scholar and teaches with the heart of a Christian. I warmly and eagerly recommend his book to those who wish to learn more about God’s wonderous Creation and our special place in it."

For Angelo Stagnaro’s full review, see National Catholic Register.

Dr. Matthew Bunson, Our Sunday Visitor’s The Catholic Answer Magazine:

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"The president of the Catholic Apologetics Institute of North America, Steve Hemler, offers a comprehensive but eminently approachable examination and defense of the arguments for the existence of God in The Reality of God. At a time when atheism has achieved a kind of cultural chic, Hemler answers the key questions and accusations used by the enemies of belief to proclaim the absence of God by looking at three different perspectives: Cosmic Evidence, Biological Evidence and Human Evidence. All three categories are immensely detailed and well-reasoned, in particular the effort to demonstrate that the natural sciences—such as biology, chemistry and physics—do not actually disprove religious belief but actually reveal the existence of a Creator. With its structure covering the cosmological, biological and philosophical evidence for the existence of God, The Reality of God covers virtually all of the bases for any believer needing to defend the most fundamental truth of our existence."

For Dr. Bunson’s full review, see The Catholic Answer (Nov/Dec 2015 Edition).

Matt Nelson, ReasonableCatholic.com:

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"Steven Hemler’s The Reality of God is a fantastic book for any lay person who wishes to hone their ability to defend the reality of God’s existence. Looking at evidence from multiple angles, Hemler offers evidence from cosmology, astrophysics, geology and biology that point toward a transcendent Cause of the universe. Also weaved throughout this work are philosophical arguments for the existence of God, making the book a nicely-written, cohesive resource for the lay apologist. Today, most lay apologists have ordinary day jobs: farmers, accountants, teachers, doctors, stay-at-home-moms and so on. They are in the world, at arms with a culture of indifference and skepticism; and often, good books are their primary training grounds. Thus, The Reality of God: The Layman’s Guide to Scientific Evidence for the Creator is both timely and necessary for our times, offering an introductory landscape of scientific and philosophical arguments for the existence of God."

For Matt Nelson’s full review, see reasonablecatholic.com.

Dr. Jeffrey Mirus, CatholicCulture.org:

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"I was glad to see Steven R. Hemler’s new book from St. Benedict Press, The Reality of God. Hemler’s book is subtitled ‘The layman’s guide to scientific evidence for the Creator’, and it explains that the many things we now know about the universe point even more strongly toward a Creator than did our more general observations in the past. The entire book is divided into brief sections, the evidence is explained clearly and concisely, and the author even provides discussion questions to help focus the reader’s mind on the key issues. He has read widely to present this effective summary, and he does the reader a service by providing footnotes to sources with more extensive presentations, as well as a very useful bibliography. The Reality of God is well-suited to the general adult reader, and may be used effectively in education for the later high school grades, in either formal classes or home schooling. Teachers can easily prepare lectures from this clearly-presented material, and the book is handily available in a sturdy hardback edition which will also wear very well for repeated student use from year to year."
For Dr. Jeffrey Mirus’ full review, see catholicculture.org.

Brandon Vogt, brandonvogt.com:

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"Recent years have seen a slew of books defending the existence of God. Each of those titles are tightly written and brilliantly argued, but they can also be a bit intimidating for people with no background on the subject. But a new book by Steven Hemler, The Reality of God, makes the arguments more palatable. Hemler’s stated goal is to help ordinary Christians articulate objective reasons why God exists. In that he succeeds well. Most of the book is breezy and clear, making this an ideal introduction to the arguments for God. This book is a clear, helpful introduction that is simple without being simplistic. What it sets out to do, it does well, and for that reason I recommend it as the first splash in a deeper well."

For Brandon Vogt’s full review, see brandonvogt.com.

Pete Socks, Catholic Book Blogger:

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"Author Steven Hemler explores the science that proves the existence of God in his new book The Reality of God: The Layman’s Guide to Scientific Evidence for the Creator. The book is a fascinating read that uses science to prove God’s existence contrary to the common use of science to disprove God. In the first part of the book Steve proves this is through the example of some of the most famous mathematical equations of physics we know. Concluding part two is a deep dive into evolution. If you get this book for nothing else this section is a must read. The third and final part of the book deals with the human aspect of belief in God. I was always led to believe, through my public school education, that God had little to do with science, yet as I worked my way through this book I came to realize this was completely wrong. Numerous accounts and quotes are given from many of the greats from modern science that clearly show their belief in a Creator. Take up this book and read, even if you are like me and science is not your thing, there is much fruit to harvest in this book. Steve Hemler has done the Church a service by providing a book that utilizes science to affirm the existence of God. Well done Steve."

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The Arlington Catholic Herald:

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"The Reality of God: The Layman’s Guide to Scientific Evidence for the Creator by Steven R. Hemler (Saint Benedict Press) is a worthwhile read for any believer who couldn’t find the right responses when confronted by agnostics—or even for cradle Catholics who could use a scientific boost to long-held beliefs. Readers who doubt the existence of God may experience a number of ‘aha’ moments when everything seems to (finally) make sense. Catholics may experience the same thing—or may finish the book with the quiet reassurance of truths already known. Get the book."

For The Arlington Catholic Herald’s full review, see catholicherald.com.

The Reality of God also has the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur from Bishop Paul S. Loverde of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, Virginia.