Why We Need The Church: Being “Spiritual” Is Not Enough

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Presentation Overview:

It is increasingly common in today’s culture for people to consider themselves “spiritual but not religious.” That is, they believe in God and Jesus but do not see a need to go to church. In other words, is it possible to follow Jesus and forget the Church?

This presentation helps us know how to respond to this contemporary situation, first by reviewing how we need a supportive Christian community if our faith is to grow and be manifest in our lives. Using Scripture, we also examine how Christ intentionally established His Church and the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist, so He could continue to be present with us for all times. We look at how the Mass enables us to meet Christ within His community and to find nourishment and strength for a life that is often counter-cultural. By being filled with the very power and presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, we deepen our relationship with Christ and become more like Him.

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