Near-Death Experiences: Evidence of the Soul

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Presentation Overview:

This multimedia presentation discusses how medical studies of Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) reveal the reality of our soul and the afterlife. Compelling evidence from these studies for the validity of NDEs includes: (1) confirmed observations of the physical world when clinically dead, (2) meeting previously unknown deceased relatives, (3) blind people see during an NDE, and (4) dramatically transformed lives of people after an NDE. These studies affirm traditional Church teaching that human beings have both a body and a soul, and that the soul lives on after death of the body. NDEs also support Church teaching about a loving and just God who wants us to be with Him for all eternity in heaven, as well as the existence of a hellish afterlife. This leads to a greater motivation for learning what the Church teaches about how we can be saved to eternal life in heaven.

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